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Mulch & Soil

Pawtuckaway Nursery offers 100% natural (dye free) mulches in bulk, as well as 100% organic Sweet Peet® mulch, organic compost, super loam, stone, gravel, stone dust and pea stone. We also carry bagged Coast of Maine® soils and mulches. Using locally-sourced marine residuals, Coast of Maine® hand crafts compost-based products that are biologically diverse and rich in the nutrients that plants need to thrive.

Please note that these prices are subject to change. 

Image Disclaimer:

Please note that pictures are a representation of product we sell.  There may be a difference in color, based on order received. If you are trying to match color, especially with stone dust, gravel and, pea stone, please call to verify color.  We may request you to come in before a delivery can be set up.


Pea Stone

$35.00 half yard / $67.00 yard


3/4" Gravel

$22.50 half yard / $38.00 yard


3/4" Crushed Stone Granite

$29.50 half yard / $54.00 yard


Stone Dust

$22.50 half yard / $38.00 yard


Super Loam

$21.50 half yard / $38.50 yard


Organic Compost

$22.00 half yard / $39.50 yard


Natural Hemlock

$23.75 half yard / $45.00 yard

Dark Pine.JPG

Dark Pine

$23.50 half yard / $44.50 yard


Pine / Spruce

$21.00 half yard / 
$40.50 yard


Organic Sweet Peet Mulch

$36.50 half yard / $69.00 yard

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